San Angelo APSI 2018

AP English Language Argumentation High School English Rhetorical Strategies Teacher Shares

Links and Materials

San Angelo APSI Language 2018

301 Prompts for Argumentative Writing   Link

2016 Sample Student Responses – AP English Language and Composition

Essay Ratiocination A revising and editing strategy


A Day No Pigs Would Die – Pre-AP Novel Unit Example



Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking


Visible Thinking   Link

Visible Thinking
Creativity Map – find it- use it
Figuring out Fair Map
Circles of Truth Map
Understanding Map
Options Diamond – Exploring the tension of decision making
Reporters Notebook – Separating fact and feeling

Visible Thinking – Teacher Organization
Me, You, Space, Time:  “MYST”

Visible Thinking – Student Activities
3, 2, 1 Bridge

Circle of Viewpoints
Claim Support Question
Compass Points
Creative Hunt – Looking at parts, purposes, and audiences
Creative Questions
CSI – Color, Symbol, Image
Does it Fit      
Explanation Game


Here/Now There/Then
Options Diamond
Question Sorts
Question Starts
Red Light,Yellow Light for Truth
Reporters Notebook – Separating fact and feeling
See/Think/Wonder – exploring works of art and other interesting things
Step Inside: Perceive,Know about, Care about
Stop Look Listen – clarifying claims and sources
Think Puzzle Explore
Tug of War – the complexity of fairness dilemmas
Used to think – But now, I think
What Makes You Say That?

Teacher Shares
11X17 body-1
body biography revised
body biography revised-1
Poetry Lesson Teagie Brance
These are the notes from poetry presentation

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