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Poetry Questions and Poems AP Literature 1970 to 2014
Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers
Batter my heart – (meta) physical Poetry
Poetry Pairs Triplets Quads
Ekphrastic Poetry
Ekphrastic Poetry – Collection
These are .pdf files.  Some of the poetry might need to be re-typed and larger examples of the paintings located on the web.
Auden Musée des Beaux Arts
Berryman Winter Landscape
de la Mare Breughels Winter
Dobyns The Street
Engle Venus and the Lute Player
Fanthorpe Not my Best Side
Ferlinghetti The wounded wilderness of Morris Graves
Finkel The Great Wave Hokusai
Foerster Breughels Harvesters
Ginsberg Cezannes Ports
Hirsch Edward Hopper and the House by the Railroad
Jarrell The Bronze David of Donatello
Kennedy Nude Descending a Staircase
Langland Hunters in the Snow Breughel
Leader Girl at Sewing Machine
Longfellow The Cross of Snow
MacDonald The Bowling Match at Castlemary Cloyne
Mahon Courtyards in Delft
Mahon Girls on the Bridge
Mahon St Eustace
Mahon The Hunt by Night
Markham The Man with the Hoe
OHara On Seeing Larry Rivers Washington crossing the Delaware
Snodgrass Matisse The Red Studio
Song Girl Powdering Her Neck
Stone American Gothic
Stone Early Sunday Morning
Stone The Forest Fire
Stone Three for the Mona Lisa
Sullivan Number 1 by Jackson Pollock
Swenson The Tall Figures of Giacometti
Szymborska Two Monkeys by Breughel
The Village of the Mermaids
Williams Childrens Games
Williams Classic Scene
Williams Haymaking
Williams Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
Williams Peasant Wedding
Williams The Adoration of the Kings
Williams The Corn Harvest
Williams The Dance
Williams The Great Figure
Williams The Hunter in the Snow
Williams The Parable of the Blind
Williams The Wedding Dance in the Open Air

More Poetry
Poetry MC Camp – Getting ready for the AP Literature test

Totally like whatever  – Taylor Mali
Ars Poetica – Archibald MacLeish
Poet Teaching Math and History – Taylor Mali
I Chop Some Parsley While Listening To Art Blakey – Billy Collins
Because My Students Asked Me – Taylor Mali
Reading Poetry
The Atlantic Monthly Oedipus Poetry and Jocasta
DID I MISS ANYTHING  (one of my favorites!)

*Poetry 180 – A Poem a Day for American High Schools (link)
*Teaching Writing – Genre – Poetry (link)
*Poetry Out Loud – Listen to Poetry (link)
*Poetry Foundation.org (link)
*AllPoetry (link)
*PoemHunter.com (link)
*Poetry.org (link)
*Poets.org (link)
*100 Great Web Sites for Poetry Lovers (link)
*Poetry Archive.org – Materials for teachers (link)
Twenty-One Poems for AP Literature
The Poet Speaks of Art Harry Rusche, English Department, Emory University.
This project is designed for the students of English 205, “Introduction to Poetry.” (link)
The Poet Speaks of Art  Sandra /Effinger copy of Harry Rusche link for her students
Voices and Visions
Poetic Forms
Ekphrasis:  Using Art to Inspire Poetry
Pictures from Brueghel – Poems by William Carlos Williams (If this link vanishes, let me know I have saved in a .pdf)
Archive of Recorded Poetry
Open Culture – Library of Congress
Poetry Month – Everything you need
Poetry Idea Enginewill allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!
Black Cat Poems – lots of poems listed by author (PS They are not about Black Cats!)
Carl Sandburg – American Songbag – The complete text online


Charge of the Light Brigade and Disabled
graham cracker poem activity
Tone Words and Poems
Found Poem Instructions
Poetry Binder by Sandra Effinger
The Grammar of Poetry by Kim Thurman (TCU 2005)
Senior Poetry Study Guide_08

What everyone should know About Poetry (cartoon) 1 page version
What everyone should know about Poetry (cartoon) 2 page version

Carl Sandburg
Rootabaga Stories
Rootabaga Stories (additional site)
American Songbag


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