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“Batter my heart”  Doctor Atomic
Goya – Art Work Presentation
The Grammar of TV and Film

Yertle the Turtle  (film)
Boundin’ MP4 (film)
Make it Stick  (film)
The teacher from the Black Lagoon (film)
The Divided Brain (film)



Movie Clips — (link)  The New York Times “Movie Shorts For Short Attention Spans”
Movie Scripts and Screen Plays (link – Excellent)
Voice of the Shuttle  (link)
Silent Era Films on Home Video (link)
Teach With Movies  (link)
AMC Movie Guide and Lists  (links)
Critical Commons (links)
cineCollage  (links)
David Bordwell (website and blog)
Artful Thinking (routines)  (link)
Project Zero  (link)
30 Camera Shots every Film Fan Needs to Know (Explains the shot and gives an example)
Media College Free resources for film and digital media production
American Film Institute 100 years of Heroes and Villains
Free Movies Online
101 Free Silent Films
Filmsite  Excellent source Detailed plot synopses, review commentary, film analysis, film scenes, film quotes

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